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2009-11-07 19:59:33 by bluecatcollars

as you could already see,my display pic is a anime character. i drew it myself on my laptop using MS paint, and will be updating the pic every month or so. be tuned in to see when the hair goue from blonde to brown - hopefully next month or January 2009. mum hasnt told me when im getting my hair coulured yet...

also i will attach each new pic to a news feed.


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2009-11-07 20:01:20

cool, you drew that? faaaaaar better than anything i could have drawn

i have noticed it is your first day sooooo.......Welcome!


2009-11-07 20:04:23

oh yeah you totaly should!


2010-03-29 19:41:46

sorry i lost the webby lol